June 28, 2018

The 3 Best Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Why burden yourself with static servers when there are cloud solutions that give you the freedom to manage your websites from anywhere in the world? Cloud solutions provide an easy and affordable way for companies to integrate cutting-edge software programs into their websites. They’re accessible from anywhere, any device, via the internet – much like online shopping, email, and even social media.

Cloud solutions make life simple

Forget traditional setups where most of your data and applications reside on a single network. Today’s cloud solutions are much more economical and affordable and can be managed by anyone with a secure Internet connection. Cloud-based products are robust and powerful so you can manage multiple tasks simply and efficiently.

Got a connection? You’re good to go

You can manage your website anywhere when it’s hosted on a cloud solution, even through your mobile device connected via mobile broadband. You can access your valuable business data and applications virtually from anywhere in the world. Think of the opportunities that presents for instant social collaboration with your employees and customers!

No more communication delays

When you’re hosted on a cloud solution, you no longer have to wait for updates or to upload and send files through emails. Cloud hosting solutions can reduce unwanted delays and assist you in taking quick business decisions. See the opportunity, access anywhere, and upload. That simple.

Automatic updates save time and money

Automatic software updates make life easy, which leaves you with more time to focus on core business activities. And with company-wide software access available on computer applications, there’s no need to buy a software license for each employee. Instead, you simply pay a metered fee to your cloud hosting provider, which can save a considerable amount for small companies.

Cut hardware costs dramatically

With a cloud solution, you don’t have to rent physical space to store your servers and database any more. That’s because most cloud service providers offer the option of data storage on a different user’s hardware. This can dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, the need for local physical servers, as all the business information is stored on a remote computer.

Customise your website with apps

Most cloud solutions offer access to a host of cool business apps including marketing, online shopping, finance and accounting, and HR processes. It’s all quality stuff that you can mix-and-match to get your website functioning just the way you want. You can use cloud software for processing online payments, scheduling appointments, managing CRM process for your company, and much more.

Custom application business tools

Cloud software is also capable of providing customised solutions for data storage and backup management along with enabling smooth document uploading procedures. In short, everything right from word processing software to customised software programs tailored for specific companies can work on a cloud based platform.

Simplifying content management apps

There are many promising cloud solutions on VPS hosting available today that can greatly simplify web content management. You can also find numerous cloud-based applications for natural language search and analytics. Social collaboration tools that are based in the cloud are also valuable to enterprises for boosting document imaging and management processes.

We’ve got your cloud solution

If there’s a perfect cloud hosting solution for your business, you can bet we’ve got it. We can tailor the perfect solution to meet your exact requirements. Don’t know your exact requirements? No problem. Talk to us and we’ll work that out for you.

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