July 20, 2023

Bridging Distances, Amplifying Creativity: Amaze Partners with The Rebel Fleet

Amaze and Rebel Fleet

Today, we embark on an exciting new journey and a tale that unfolds amidst the landscapes of digital storytelling and innovative technology.

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with The Rebel Fleet, a renowned media production company that's been trailblazing the Australasian and Asia Pacific cinematic scene since 2015.

Like a captivating screenplay that grips its audience from the opening scene, our partnership with The Rebel Fleet blossomed from our shared ethos of pushing boundaries and reimagining the conventional.

Their story began in 2015, kindled by a crew of imaginative minds who shared the vision to transform the realm of media production. Fast forward to today, and The Rebel Fleet has morphed into a significant partner in the production process for various scale shoots, recently supporting Disney with the live-action Mulan.

What makes their story truly riveting is their ethos of blending creativity with efficiency.

They adapt to any shoot, designing customised workflows that align with production requirements, technical parameters, and, above all, creative ambitions. In essence, Rebel Fleet strives to propel creative freedom by offering efficient, collaborative workflow solutions, unfettered by the size or ambitions of the shoot.

Now, you're probably wondering, how does Amaze fit into this kind of narrative?

We enter the plot by offering The Rebel Fleet our Fibre Internet Connectivity solutions. A cornerstone of modern technology, our Fibre Internet Connectivity solutions promise to be the unbroken link that connects The Rebel Fleet's dispersed teams, irrespective of their geographical locations.

By leveraging our high-speed, reliable connectivity, The Rebel Fleet can orchestrate seamless collaboration between their main unit directors, cinematographers, and second units across the globe. Real-time feedback, an essential component of their operation, can now be delivered without delay, enhancing the shooting process.

Yet, it's more than just offering speed and reliability. Our commitment to The Rebel Fleet signifies our dedication to empower their business with technology that's simple, adaptable, and accessible. This partnership heralds a time where distance no longer dampens collaboration, but instead amplifies the creative process.

So, as The Rebel Fleet continues to create awe-inspiring cinematic narratives, we at Amaze are thrilled to provide the technological backbone that supports their creative endeavours.

Together, we're excited to demonstrate how innovative technology can further propel creative freedom, and we can't wait to see what breathtaking stories The Rebel Fleet will tell next.

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