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Amaze's Colocation with Bare Metal Services: Your Turnkey Solution for Future-Proof Data Centre Colocation

Amaze CoLo

Amaze CoLo is your turnkey solution for data centre colocation services, providing you with the secure and reliable infrastructure you need without the operational hassles of managing your own facility. At its core, Amaze CoLo offers a specialised environment where you can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Unlike conventional in-house data centres that require significant investment in security, cooling, and networking, Amaze CoLo manages these complex tasks for you, enabling you to focus on your business operations.

Adaptive Expansion

For companies with fluctuating needs or plans for growth, Amaze CoLo offers unrivalled flexibility. You can easily scale your operations up or down based on your current requirements, all without the need for a considerable investment in new infrastructure.

Enhanced IT Focus

Free up your internal resources to focus on core business initiatives rather than getting bogged down with data centre management. With 24/7 expert support, Amaze CoLo becomes an extension of your IT team, offering skilled technical support when you need it.

Regulation Ready

For businesses in regulated industries, compliance is often a significant pain point. Amaze CoLo adheres to stringent industry standards, removing the headache of audit and compliance processes. Security features like biometric access controls and 24/7 monitoring ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

Efficient Cost Strategy

Businesses looking to reduce their operational costs will find Amaze CoLo's services invaluable. With Amaze CoLo, you move from a capital expenditure model to an operational one, where you pay only for the resources you use. No more costs for security, cooling, and maintenance of your own data centre; all are included in a predictable monthly fee.

Resilient Continuity

Amaze CoLo's robust disaster recovery and backup systems mean that your data and operations will always be available, even in unforeseen circumstances. This ensures business continuity, a significant concern for any modern enterprise.

Rapid Deployments

If you're aiming for a faster launch of new products or services, Amaze CoLo's quick deployment capabilities can be a game-changer. Without the delays associated with building or renovating an in-house data centre, you can get your offerings to market more quickly.

Bare Metal: Unparalleled Performance for Your Mission-Critical Workloads

When you require absolute control, unrivalled performance, and direct access to physical servers, our Bare Metal service within Amaze CoLo is your ideal solution. Unlike virtualised cloud instances, our Bare Metal servers offer you raw hardware resources without the overhead of virtualisation. This ensures that your mission-critical applications get all the power they need to perform optimally. Key Features:

Full Control

Customise your environment down to the hardware configurations, ensuring your applications run just the way you need them to.

Zero Overhead

Avoid the performance tax often associated with hypervisors and virtual machines. Your applications get 100% of the server's computational power.

High Performance

Ideal for resource-intensive applications like high-frequency trading platforms, data analytics, and complex simulations.

Isolated Environment

With Bare Metal, your data and applications live on a fully isolated server, offering added layers of security and compliance.

Technical Precision

Our Bare Metal solutions are engineered for the most demanding business applications, offering the ultimate in speed, reliability, and security.


Whether you need a single server or a whole suite of them, our solutions can be tailored to match your exact requirements.

Robust Security Measures

AmazeCoLo employs top-of-the-line security protocols, including biometric access controls and 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your data remains protected from both physical and cyber threats.

Guaranteed Power Redundancy

Never worry about downtime due to power failures again. With dual power feeds, backup generators, and UPS systems, Amaze CoLo guarantees your servers will always be up and running.

Advanced Cooling Systems

Utilising state-of-the-art HVAC systems, AmazeCoLo ensures optimal performance and longevity for your hardware by maintaining the ideal climate.

Our Approach

Transforming data management for a growing e-commerce business

A fast-growing online retail company faced an uphill battle managing its in-house data centre. The company's core business operations were getting overshadowed by constant IT maintenance tasks, escalating costs, and scalability issues. With Black Friday and peak shopping season approaching, the pressure was mounting.

Initial Consultation

Understanding the urgency, Amaze conducted an in-depth consultation to identify the businesses pain points and specific challenges. It was clear that the company needed a transformative solution that would allow them to focus on their core business while also preparing for scalability during peak shopping times.


Based on the consultation, the business decided to transition to Amaze CoLo for its data centre needs. The migration plan was meticulously crafted to ensure minimal downtime. Amaze's expert team handled the migration seamlessly, ensuring the store experienced no disruption in service.


As the store grew, so did its data and resource needs. Amaze CoLo's scalable solution made it effortless for the company to expand its data centre footprint. Additional server space, power, and connectivity options were integrated without hitches, just in time for the peak shopping season.

Strategic Advisory

Amaze's consultative approach went beyond just providing server space. Amaze acted as a strategic technology partner, offering valuable insights and advisory services to optimise the stores IT strategy. This included disaster recovery planning, ensuring regulatory compliance, and advising on future technology trends like edge computing.


By partnering with Amaze, the e-commerce store achieved a 30% reduction in operational costs, eliminating in-house data centre management. This allowed them to concentrate on enhancing their platform, marketing, and customer service. They seamlessly scaled to accommodate a 2x demand during peak seasons without disruptions. With Amaze's continuous advisory, the store now strategically leverages technology for future growth and innovation.

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