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Dear Intrepid Technology Visionary

We're an award winning Australian technology team that wants to learn more about your business.

Navigating the world of technology can be tricky, right?

That's where Amaze steps in.

We're here to help you tackle today's challenges and get you ready for what's around the corner. The right tech advice at the right time? This can make all the difference in business, and we totally get that.

We're at a point in time where your technology infrastructure, how you connect, and your cloud game can make or break your business. So, now is the right time to develop a strong foundation and give your tech game a boost. And trust us, getting your tech right has never been this crucial.

Amaze is an award winning Aussie technology team with two decades of experience, and we're here to help you break down the tech talk into plain English, and leverage technology for your competitive advantage.

Think of us as a secret weapon, helping you work smarter, not harder.

We're all about better connecting your business, supercharging your computing power, and turning your data into a strategic asset. And as you scale, we've got your back. Our adaptability is akin to a start-up, while our robustness matches that of an established enterprise

Imagine having top-notch tech and a local Australian support team in your pocket, that just clicks with your business goals. Smooth, right?

We're inviting you to dive into this vision with us. All it takes is a conversation and to see where it leads. Together, we'll help make technology work for your business.

Who We Are

Amaze is a family-owned Australian enterprise, deeply rooted in the tech industry with over two decades of dedicated experience. From our base in Sydney, the epicentre of Australia's technological innovation, we've grown to become a trusted name in delivering tailored technology solutions. Our legacy is built on a foundation of understanding, expertise, and a genuine commitment to helping businesses navigate the digital age.

Why Choose Amaze?

Choosing Amaze means opting for clarity in a world of tech complexities. We don't just offer solutions; we partner with businesses to ensure those solutions align with their unique goals and challenges. Our approach is straightforward: we simplify the intricate, making technology an asset rather than an obstacle. With a team that's as invested in your success as you are, Amaze stands out as the partner that empowers, innovates, and reliably supports every step of the way.

What We Stand For


Tailored to Your Needs

From cloud computing services that scale as you grow, to backup solutions that give you peace of mind, our offerings are designed with your unique business requirements in mind.

Cloud Computing

Dive deeper into the cloud with Amaze. Our cloud services are designed to foster agility, drive innovation, and position your business at the forefront of the digital landscape. Whether you're transitioning to the cloud or optimising your current setup, we're here to guide and support every step of the way.

Managed IT Services

Tech hiccups can be a real drag, right? We take the weight of IT management off your shoulders, allowing you to channel your energy into what you do best. From routine maintenance to addressing complex IT challenges, our experts ensure your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and without interruption.

Connectivity Solutions

Our suite of connectivity solutions, including Fibre, Ethernet, and Voice, ensures you're always plugged in, with fast, reliable, and seamless connections. Whether you're communicating with a team member across the room or a client across the globe, we make sure the conversation never drops.

Infrastructure and Backup Solutions

Your data is more than just ones and zeros; it's the lifeblood of your business. With cyber threats lurking at every corner and the ever-present risk of system failures, it's crucial to have a solid backup plan. Our infrastructure and backup solutions are designed to protect, store, and recover your data, ensuring it's always accessible when you need it.

Data Centre and Colocation Solutions

At Amaze, we offer state-of-the-art data centre and colocation services that prioritise security, efficiency, and scalability. Whether you're a budding startup or a large enterprise, our facilities provide the perfect environment to house your servers, databases, and other critical digital assets. With 24/7 monitoring, advanced security protocols, and a commitment to sustainability, we ensure your data is in safe hands.

Our Promise: Expertise Meets Execution

Our Australian team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing tech solutions for businesses big and small. We take pride in our level of expertise and our commitment to operational excellence. When you partner with Amaze, you're partnering with a team that blends technical know-how with a deep understanding of business needs.

Our Approach

Empowering Seamless Communication: A Hybrid Approach with Amaze

A leading communications agency with a global clientele was facing challenges in managing their diverse IT needs. Their existing infrastructure was a patchwork of different solutions, leading to inefficiencies, high costs, and occasional downtime. They needed a unified, scalable, and reliable solution to cater to their growing demands and ensure seamless communication across all platforms.

Initial Consultation

Amaze's team met with the key stakeholders to understand the intricacies of their operations. We identified the gaps in their current setup, including inconsistent data access, lack of a unified communication platform, and security vulnerabilities. A hybrid model, combining cloud services with on-premises solutions, was proposed to address these challenges.


Amaze rolled out a hybrid solution, integrating DaaS for remote team members and on-premises infrastructure for critical operations. This ensured that they had the flexibility of cloud services while retaining the robustness of their existing systems. We also introduced a unified communication platform, streamlining all their communication channels.


As the business acquired more clients and expanded its team, Amaze ensured that the IT infrastructure scaled seamlessly. New team members were onboarded with ease, and additional communication tools were integrated without hitches.

Strategic Advisory

Amaze's relationship didn't end with the initial setup. Regular consultations ensured that the solutions remained aligned with the businesses evolving needs. We provided insights into emerging communication technologies and advised on potential integrations to further enhance efficiency.


The hybrid approach brought about a transformative change for the company. They experienced streamlined communication channels, leading to faster response times and improved client satisfaction. The blend of DaaS and on-premises solutions offered them the perfect balance of adaptability and reliability. Financially, the optimisation of their IT infrastructure translated to a significant reduction in operational costs. Moreover, with Amaze's top-tier security protocols in place, data and communication channels became more secure than ever, reinforcing their reputation as a trustworthy partner in the communications sector.

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