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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Local Expertise, Global Standards: An Aussie Approach to World-Class Cloud Backup

Amaze SafeVault

Amaze’s consultative approach goes beyond a cloud backup solution, helping businesses leverage data insights for strategic decisions, ensuring they're not just prepared for today but are primed for future opportunities.

Secure Data Protection

Amaze’s BaaS offers multi-layered protection, ensuring data integrity and instant recovery, effectively shielding businesses from both minor hiccups and major catastrophes.

Simplified Compliance

Our BaaS solutions are tailored to adhere to Australian and international compliance standards, easing the regulatory burden and ensuring businesses remain audit-ready.

Rapid Data Restoration

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our BaaS ensures rapid restoration. In the face of adversity, operations can resume with barely a hiccup.

Streamlined Backup Processes

Our BaaS solution integrates effortlessly with existing infrastructures, automating backup processes and providing clients with a hands-off yet fully controlled experience.

Localised, Expert Support

Our Australian-based team, with dedicated Technical Account Managers, ensures that there’s always a local expert, well-versed in your business intricacies, ready to assist.

Forward-Looking Data Strategies

Clients are on the lookout for more than just backup; they want insights and strategies that shape the future.

Features of Amaze's BaaS Powered by Veeam

Global Trust, Local Mastery

Partnering with Veeam, a global leader, Amaze brings a hyper-focus to your SLAs while injecting our deep industry knowledge. Together, we simplify complexities.

Microsoft Office 365 Protection

Although Office 365 offers a vast array of tools, it doesn't provide backup. We do. Guard against accidental deletions, security threats, retention gaps, and more with Veeam-powered solutions. Always be ready for unforeseen challenges.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Your data’s safety is paramount. Throughout every phase, it remains encrypted, assuring confidentiality and integrity, whether it’s in transit or at rest.

Robust Off-Site Backup

Address modern backup challenges with flexible, scalable solutions. Whether it's endpoint backups, direct-to-cloud storage, or even Tape as a Service for compliance, we've got you covered.

Protection Across Cloud Frontiers

Not all cloud providers offer inherent backup. We bridge that gap, ensuring your data in third-party clouds, be it Azure or AWS, remains secure against accidental deletions or misconfigurations.

MSP-Optimised Backup Solutions

Free your IT teams from the tedious backup tasks. Our Veeam-driven BaaS solution centralises, simplifies, and secures backups for all workloads – from vSphere to Windows.

Our Approach

Amaze BaaS in Action: Safeguarding a Growing E-Commerce Platform

A prominent e-commerce platform in Australia with a rapidly expanding customer base was experiencing increased data volumes daily. They needed a backup solution that ensured no loss of crucial customer data, transaction records, or inventory lists.

Initial Consultation

After observing the e-commerce's growth trajectory, it became evident that their existing backup strategies were not scalable. They were also vulnerable to potential data breaches, server crashes, and accidental data deletions.

Initial Service Engagement

Amaze, with its BaaS offering, presented a tailor-made backup strategy. This strategy catered specifically to e-commerce needs, with priority given to securing transactional data and ensuring minimal downtime.


As the online retailer grew, so did its data backup needs. With Amaze's scalable solution, the platform smoothly transitioned its data backup requirements without any hitches, regardless of the growing data size.

Strategic Advisory

Amaze's dedicated Technical Account Managers provided insights into best practices for data management, ensuring that the store's IT team was not only maintaining backups but also optimising their data storage and retrieval processes.


Thanks to Amaze's BaaS, this e-commerce retailer experienced: - Zero data loss incidents, even during peak shopping seasons. - Enhanced customer trust due to guaranteed data safety. - A scalable backup solution ready to support further growth. - Increased operational efficiency, as the IT team could focus on improving user experience instead of managing backup woes.

Introduce Yourself

Enjoy peace of mind that comes from knowing your business-critical data is protected.

Whether you're a small business seeking to backup your Office 365 suite, or a large enterprise seeking a complex data management and backup strategy, our experienced Australia-based team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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