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Which Website Hosting Option is Right for Me?

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When you’re looking for somewhere to host your website, there are loads of options from which to choose. It’s always best to get into it knowing what to look for. There are several different types of web hosting solutions, from VPS and dedicated servers to shared, eCommerce, and cloud hosting, and each offer hugely varying features and benefits. Even the location of your web host is an important consideration for optimising response times and rankings. Finding the right combination for you and your business will depend on several things that we’ll touch on in this article.

Sharing is a good place to start

With shared hosting, your website is loaded onto a single server that’s big enough to hold several other websites. In this way, you share the data storage space and CPUs that serve up the pages for each website as they are requested. Shared hosting offers many of the features of private server hosting, but with significant cost savings due to sharing with other websites. This option is ideal for start up websites and blog-based sites where cost savings are a guiding factor. It’s also best suited to websites where visitor traffic will be at the lower end of the scale to begin with.

VPS is for movers and shakers

When your website starts hitting the marks in high visitor volumes, it’s time to move into your own VPS, or virtual private server. It’s not exactly your own server, as you may share with others, however you will have you own private partition and CPUs to optimise performance for your website.

If you’re hosting with Amaze, we’ll also provide high security and scaling RAM to cope with any spikes in traffic, like when you launch a new offer and your website faces a huge jump in visitor numbers. You’ll have access to many powerful hosting features, and can choose from self-managed VPS hosting, or let us manage everything for you.

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Get ready for the big time

Once websites become very large and experience thousands of enquiries each day - or even minute - you’re ready for the big time. Dedicated servers are just what you need when a website gets to a great size - you get your own dedicated server or servers that are set up just to look after your particular website. This is the optimum solution as it offers so many benefits over shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting offers the highest in security, the fastest response times, gives you access to your own storage and CPUs, and allows you to set up loads of performance enhancing features. You can even manage everything very simply via a remote console on your laptop or tablet. And best of all, it can be configured just the way you want it. Ask us, we’ll show you how.

Customise your own Dedicated Server.

Specialised hosting solutions

The quickest and simplest way to get online is with a WordPress template. There are literally thousands to choose from, most of which are free. You simply structure them any way you like, and then upload your content. You can also choose from hundreds of optional plug-ins to make your website do exactly what you want. We can even help you with eCommerce solutions to get your online store really humming. Talk to us when you’re ready for VPS and dedicated servers, and we can also show you the most cost effective options.

WordPress hosting made easy

Want to keep things simple? You can build and manage complex websites very easily using a simple and user friendly CMS such as WordPress. It works on both Mac OS and Windows based platforms. It’s really easy to install and configure instantly to suit your needs. And with a WordPress VPS hosting, you can access a graphical web interface such as cPanel to help you create feature rich, high quality websites using some excellent automation tools.

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Let’s go shopping

There are e-stores, and then there are eCommerce sites that make everything so simple when it’s time to check out. We offer Magento, osCommerce, and Zencart – probably the leading trio in online shopping flow systems. Most offer great features such as account setup and services, privacy protection, and 24/7 customer support. With these apps you can easily set up product pages with text descriptions, imagery, and price points. You can even customise your online shop with VPS ecommerce applications that ensure greater speed and higher levels of website performance.

Getting your head around the Cloud

What is cloud hosting, and why is it gaining in popularity? It’s simple. Cloud based servers offer excellent storage and backup options for medium to large businesses. Multi-sited businesses can benefit from an efficient single-source storage facility for all their data. It’s very simple to setup and maintain, and is a cost effective method for centralised management of resources.

We’ll tailor your hosting solution

We offer all of the above and then some. We know every business is unique and has wildly varying hosting needs. That’s never been a problem to us – it’s an opportunity. We can tailor our hosting options to perfectly suit any requirement. We’ve even got loads of apps to vastly improve your website’s performance. Give us a call and we’ll show you the possibilities.

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